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Since 1965, MISA has evolved from a small group of data processing professionals. We are governmental employees (State, County or Local) in Michigan with a common interest in finding innovative ways to apply new technology to improve services for the lives of Michigan.

You can learn more about the organization by viewing the entire site.  Contact us if you have any questions, comments or want to become a member of MISA.
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Important Announcements

2020 MISA Conference 
We are sorry to announce the MISA 2020 Conference has been canceled. This is decision was not made easily, but with everyone's best interest at heart. We will be hosting a 2020 Business meeting this fall to elect a new MISA Board attend to other business. Please watch for communication.

MISA Student Scholarship 
We are excited to move forward with the MISA Student Scholarship!! We will start accepting applications June 10, 2020.

Unfortunately, the following MISA events have been canceled for 2020:

  • MISA Roadshows
  • Summer Mixer
  • Golf Outing

Thank you for you understanding and please feel free to reach out to any Board Member if you have questions.

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Membership Information
It is that time of year when MISA membership renewals happen.  Below are the new 2020 membership rates.

  • New Membership: $0.00
  • Renewing Membership: $0.00
  • Commercial Individual Membership: $155.00
  • Commercial Corporate Membership: $310.00 (This covers up to three company staff.)
Thank you for your continuous support of MISA.   Have a Great Year!